Wednesday, March 9, 2016


19, bad, unworthy, disgrace, disappointment, copy paste negative adjectives and most known as.. HAYOP. Atleast that's how my mom describes me. So I'd stick with that. I am someone who is best described as a panda :3 Lazy, happy-go-crazy, lazy, eats a lot, sleeps a lot, lazy, eats a lot. Unproductive. College dropout. Nope. Not ashamed of it. Hey, it was my fault and I have to face it. Why the hell would I be ashamed of it? It's part of me. All the bad things that I've done, I know I'd regret them but I'm just gonna have to accept it. I know I have to. Especially the consequences. I am facing them now actually but I'm proud. It shapes me who I really am and who I would really be. If people can't accept that, I'd still be me. I'd rather be true to myself and others than be fake as today's politicians with their fake definition with a sad story and inspiring lies that people fall for. No. I am me and there's no one else I'd rather be.

I suck. That makes me awesome. :P

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